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There are 24 hours each day.
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A technology that puts 2 and 2 together.

The Zinc-Intermediate Electrolyzer captures the cheapest solar and wind power during times of high renewable generation. Through our asymmetric charging and discharging cycles we make green hydrogen and renewable electricity available at any time. This minimizes the cost to operate our electrolyzers and contributes to the expansion of wind and solar power, reducing strain on local power grids.

Listening to the rhythm of nature and making the most of it

We charge our device with energy from renewable sources. Choosing the four strongest hours of wind and solar each day when renewable energy is abundant and cost-effective.

Functionality of the Zinc-Intermediate Electrolyzer

The innovative storage electrolyzer offers the hybrid functionality of a battery and electrolyzer.


During the charging process electrical energy is absorbed at a high power. Oxygen is released and the energy is converted within our electrolyzer into solid zinc, which is deposited on an electrode. As an intermediate step the device stores the energy safely as a solid metal. During discharging, the metal is dissolved back into the electrolyte producing both hydrogen and electricity. This flexible process allows for demand-driven production of green hydrogen and electricity.

The advantages at a glance


Electrolyzer with integrated storage function

The investment costs associated with additional storage can be eliminated due to the combined functionality of our storage electrolyzer.


Fast charging and continuous hydrogen production

High charging capacity enables renewable electricity to be purchased cost-effectively. Four hours of low cost charging allows for continuous demand based hydrogen production up to 24 hours per day.


Reliable renewable electricity as an additional product

The battery function enables reliable renewable electricity around the clock. Local consumption can be served renewably and affordably through electricity arbitrage during the day.


High efficiency

The electricity generated in parallel with hydrogen enables high overall efficiency, which can be further increased by using waste heat recovery.


This innovative technology is sure to change the energy industry in the years to come.