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  • Our hydrogen:
    cost-effective, green.

    You want to produce emission-free or replace fossil gas or hydrogen sources? Do you want to make your company’s energy transition predictable and sustainable? Do you need an intelligent system for this?

  • Our system works: safely.

    Through the best possible use of available renewable energies and storage in solid zinc.

  • Our system produces:

    Because it uses the cheapest hours of renewable energy supply, can temporarily store and release it and thus reduces the cost of your hydrogen.

  • Our system delivers: green.

    With green hydrogen, you have a sustainable energy carrier at your disposal that already meets all 2030 standards in a RED2-compliant manner.

For all industries:
our ZZE applications at a glance.

Utilities of the Future

Green hydrogen enables regional sector coupling
of energy, gas, mobility and industry.

Green Mobility

Emission-free transport with green hydrogen for
fuel cell vehicles and trucks, ships and aircrafts.

Sustainable Chemicals

Green hydrogen for refineries, ammonia and
methanol production.

Optimized Wind & Solar Farms

Green hydrogen as an energy storage solution
to mitigate grid curtailment.

Green Industries Leading The Way

CO2-free production and green hydrogen for all
industries and sectors thinking about tomorrow.

    What can we do
    for your company?
    • Our Product

      Simply smarter: the new ZZE electrolyzer.

      Conventional electrolysers often cannot store the hydrogen produced. With the Zink Zwischenschritt Electrolyzer (ZZE) from STOFF2, the storage is integrated into the system. This is innovative hybrid technology that combines the functionality of battery storage and electrolysis.
    • Simply more reliable: hydrogen on demand.

      A high charging capacity, continuous hydrogen production, flexible power generation at favourable costs and prices. Only a few power charging hours per day produce the hydrogen that is needed flexibly and in line with demand.
    • Simply more sustainable: ecologically and economically.

      STOFF2’s ZZE pays off: not only for customers who want to convert energy production and optimise their consumption. It supports all sectors and industries in achieving their CO2 targets efficiently and effectively.

    The future in view:
    our ZZE applications in detail.


    CO2-free gas, heat and power – municipal utilities can use green hydrogen as energy storage, for grid stabilisation or as a blending admixture to natural gas. This creates CO2-free and grid-compatible energy for a cost-effective and reliable energy supply for municipalities, households and local businesses. The green hydrogen can be blended up to 20 % into the gas grid to replace natural gas. STOFF2 is the missing link to make sector coupling possible for municipal utilities.


    Heavy goods transport consumes large quantities of fossil fuels, the costs of which will rise sharply in the future due to CO2 taxes. Wherever electrification reaches its limits, as in the case of trucks, ships or even aircrafts, hydrogen and fuel-powered vehicles are the solution. The advantages of fuel cell trucks are long ranges, no payload restrictions, no road toll obligation and fast refuelling times. For ships and aircraft, green hydrogen can be used for decarbonisation. The STOFF2 Zinc Zwischenschritt Electrolyzer (ZZE) can produce safe and cost-effective hydrogen that meets GHG quota trading requirements.


    Green hydrogen is needed for the production of ammonia, methanol and other chemicals. In the refining industry, hydrogen is used in hydrocracking and hydrotreating processes to remove impurities from crude oil and produce sulfid-free fuels such as gasoline and diesel. The STOFF2 Zinc Zwischenschritt Electrolyzer (ZZE) can continuously supply green hydrogen for these processes.


    Short paths to new energy – The direct installation of STOFF2 electrolyzers at industrial and commercial sites enables continuous and on-demand production of green hydrogen on site. If you operate in industries such as food and dairy processing, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, glass or ceramics, you can use green hydrogen. Green hydrogen can also be used to decarbonise processes in steel or cement manufacturing. Benefit from local, sustainable energy solutions that reduce your carbon footprint while increasing efficiency.


    The STOFF2 Zinc Zwischenschritt Electrolyzer (ZZE) opens up new possibilities for renewable energy plants that can use surplus energy and stabilise the grid. Wind and solar farms can better utilise their plants and increase their capacity by combining them with electrolyzers. The ZZE can optionally be used for grid balancing, energy storage or the production of green hydrogen for customers. The STOFF2 technology offers particular advantages for this application, such as hydrogen on demand, flexible charging and discharging and increased operating efficiency. Let’s make 100% renewable energy possible together today.

    Together for a climate-friendly future.