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Tobias Katz

Tobias is an engineer for environmental technology and renewable energies. For more than 20 years he has been developing products, components and systems for the generation, storage and integration of renewable energies. He is a passionate drummer and a keen gardener.

Daniel Vila

Daniel is an environmental economist. He has been working on various health, climate and energy modeling projects for almost 10 years. He is an avid basketball player and has played professionally in three different countries.

Marcel Gallé

Marcel looks back on over ten years of expertise in various start-ups in the field of energy storage. His career started in the banking and consulting industry. Structuring innovative business cases and scaling business models are his professional passions. In his private life, he loves to play music and sings in a big band.

Dr. Elisabeth Hornberger

Elisabeth is an electrochemist with more than five years of research and work experience in the field of energy storage and conversion for renewable energy. In her spare time, she runs a photo blog about art
in urban spaces.

Andrew Zwinkels

Andrew is an experienced electrical engineer and has been involved in renewable energy storage for over 20 years. He has developed innovative storage solutions in numerous projects and brought them to market. He is also involved in electric mobility concepts. In his spare time he designs furniture and is an avid amateur chef.

Sebastian Sipp

Sebastian has more than two decades of experience as an investor, entrepreneur and manager in the European infrastructure and technology sector. He is passionate about the operational set-up and strategic development of innovative growth companies. He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time at sea and in the mountains.

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