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, 2. June 2023

Interesting facts, simply explained: Why do we need hydrogen?

In times when binding climate protection targets lie ahead and time is pressing, hydrogen is of crucial importance. Sun and wind, our renewable energy sources, are not always available and cannot be controlled. This is where hydrogen comes in, because it can be stored excellently and can be used when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.

Today, around 75 percent of our energy comes from gaseous or liquid sources, primarily from fossil fuels. In the future, around 70 per cent of our energy will come from green molecules. In this context, it is impressive to note that all electricity storage facilities in Germany together can hold energy for just 15 minutes for the whole of Germany, while all gas storage facilities together can store energy for four months. Hydrogen thus enables the cost-effective and long-term storage of large amounts of energy.

As a leading industrial and technology location, Germany is dependent on a reliable energy supply. Hydrogen is the key to a successful transformation to climate neutrality. Particularly important is that the production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis creates a new business approach for renewable energy plants. This prevents surplus energy from being shut off and not remunerated.

The expansion of renewable energies knows no natural limits and is becoming more and more cost-effective, so that ever greater quantities of green hydrogen will be available. With the intelligent interaction of green electrons and green molecules, we can successfully implement the energy transition.