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, 12. September 2023

Climate finance: EIB advises STOFF2 on project financing for innovative technologies

The European Investment Bank (EIB), one of the world’s largest climate financiers, has signed an advisory agreement with STOFF2 to provide financial advisory services under the InvestEU Advisory Hub programme. Under this agreement, STOFF2 will be supported in the preparation of potential project financing. The InvestEU Advisory Hub aims to promote key investments across Europe in support of EU policy priorities such as the European Green Deal.

Sebastian Sipp, Managing Director of STOFF2: “With our Zinc Intermediate Electrolysis, STOFF2 has developed a technology that combines hydrogen production and battery storage in one device, enabling affordable and reliable 100% renewable energy 24/7. We are very pleased to have the EIB on our side with its long-standing project and financing expertise. The exchange with the EIB enables us to take further steps in project development and sensible project financing”.