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, 7. November 2023

Our perspective on advocacy

Our innovative electrolysis technology, the Zinc Zwischenschritt Elektrolyzer (ZZE), can become a decisive building block for the rapid implementation of the political targets for CO2 reduction in all sectors. Together with other technologies, we enable the integration of high shares of fluctuating renewable energies and rapid decarbonisation, especially of all application areas whose direct electrification is complicated, cost-intensive or cannot be implemented quickly enough. At the same time, the right political framework is required so that our customers and partners invest in our systems and thus in the transformation of the energy supply.

As a company, we want to work with our customers to make the greatest possible contribution to the use of renewable energies in all sectors. That is why we consciously engage in regular exchanges with political actors. We are convinced that by transparently communicating our positions we can help shape the political discourse and contribute valuable information to support democratic decision-making processes.

We would like to contribute independently and together with other actors from science, industry and civil society to the process of political decision-making. Our advocacy focuses on three areas of action:

  1. rapid expansion of renewable energies in the form of renewable electricity, renewable gases such as hydrogen and green heat. 
  2. comprehensive removal of barriers to the expansion of renewable energies, hydrogen and sustainable grid infrastructures.
  3. increased and accelerated use of green hydrogen in all sectors that are not yet on a 1.5°C compatible decarbonisation path.

Our position papers and statements can be found here on the website under the filter “Policy”. Furthermore, we document our lobbying in the official register of the German Bundestag

If you would like to talk to us, please feel free to speak to Dr. Christian Friebe directly.