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, 24. November 2023

Important milestone for STOFF2: zinc intermediate step electrolysis becomes part of the EU-funded REFORMERS project 

  • STOFF2 is leading technology provider and part of a consortium of 28 companies, public and scientific organisations from ten European countries 
  • From November 2023, a hydrogen hub is designed and built in the Dutch region of Alkmaar to supply 3,000 households and 300 businesses with 100 per cent renewable energy 
  • A STOFF2 electrolyzer with an integrated energy storage capacity of 2 MWh will produce green hydrogen from end of 2025 
  • The innovative Zinc Zwischenschritt Electrolyzer (ZZE), charges power at times of high PV and wind feed-in and ensures a demand-orientated and cost-efficient supply of green hydrogen 
  • For the first time, a STOFF2 electrolyzer is being integrated into a wider energy system and can bring its specific advantages to bear under real conditions 

Berlin, 24 November 2023: STOFF2 is part of the REFORMERS project, which aims to create a so-called Renewable Energy Valley in the Boekelermeer industrial estate of the city of Alkmaar. REFORMERS stands for “Regional Ecosystems FOR Multiple-Energy Resilient Systems” and is a sub-project of the EU-wide Horizon Europe funding program. STOFF2 is part of a consortium of 28 partners including companies as well as public and scientific institutions from a total of ten European countries. REFORMERS is coordinated by the Free University of Brussels, started in November 2023 and has a total duration of five years. The project is funded by the European Union with a total of around 22.5 million euros. 

A total of twelve partner organisations are building several interconnected and interacting demonstration plants under the coordination of the New Energy Coalition (NEC). The aim is to build and operate a 100 per cent climate-neutral supply system from renewable energies that will provide a constant and secure supply to 3,000 households and 300 local businesses. The energy carrier, green hydrogen, plays a key role in ensuring security of supply with green energy that is available and affordable at all times: STOFF2’s ZZE technology will be part of a local “Hydrogen Hub” that connects producers and consumers of green hydrogen via dedicated pipelines, storage facilities and a “docking station”, thus making fossil fuels superfluous. The STOFF2 zinc intermediate step electrolyzer will have a hydrogen output capacity of 2 Megawatt-hours and is expected to be operational by the end of 2025. 

The high relevance of this project is also emphasised by the fact that the Alkmaar region, like more and more regions in Germany, is affected by electricity grid bottlenecks, meaning that wind and solar power often have to be curtailed. Some operators of wind farms and PV systems even have to pay penalties for the surplus electricity they generate. It therefore makes all the more sense that, as part of the REFORMERS project, the green hydrogen produced is supplied to fuel cell vehicles via the local hydrogen refueling station that is already in operation and can also be fed into the H2 pipeline network. 

Sebastian Sipp, Managing Director of STOFF2: “We are delighted that our technology has not only convinced our project partners, but also the decision-makers at EU level. This is an important milestone for us, as this is the first time we can demonstrate the advantages of our product in a concrete application under real market conditions. Especially in an electricity grid with a growing share of solar and wind energy generation, the Zinc Zwischenschritt Electrolyzer can produce green hydrogen safely, cost-effectively and in line with demand. Our entire team is looking forward to this exciting international project and the funding decision marks an important milestone towards the launch of our GIGAfactory.” 

In this context, our energy storage electrolyzer can fully utilise its specific advantages: It contributes to the production of green hydrogen which is temporally decoupled from the power charging phase, which has a positive effect on the load balance in the electricity grid. In addition, the integrated storage function of the ZZE helps to make the green hydrogen available to consumers in the “Hydrogen Hub” in line with demand, thereby keeping system costs low. At the same time, 4-6 hours of electricity consumption per day during the periods of most intensive solar and wind power generation are sufficient to produce enough hydrogen, which can then be used for 12-24 hours per day as required. 

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Background information 

STOFF2 GmbH, based in Berlin, is developing a new type of electrolyzer with an integrated energy storage function, the Zinc Intermediate Electrolyzer (ZZE), a highly innovative technology for securing a 100% supply of renewable energies beyond the electricity sector and for producing renewable hydrogen in Europe: safe, cost-effective and green. 

ZZE has the combined functionality of a battery and an electrolyzer and serves as a cost-effective energy storage system to decarbonise hard-to-deplete sectors with green hydrogen. Our ZZE charges electricity for four hours during the day when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing (and electricity prices are low) and produces safe, cheap and green hydrogen over a cycle of 12 to 24 hours, providing customers with a continuous supply of green hydrogen and enabling a carbon-neutral energy supply without carbon emissions. 

STOFF2 was founded in 2020 and has grown steadily since then. STOFF2 currently has 20 employees. 

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